Adithya Bhaskara

Honors Mathematics and Computer Science Undergraduate


Adithya Bhaskara is a mathematics and computer science student at the University of Colorado Boulder who is extremely interested in theoretical computer science and the intersection between computer science and mathematics. This interest is precisely what motivated Bhaskara to pursue a double degree in the fields. At this time, he hopes for an academic career in theoretical computer science.

Bhaskara's current research interests lie in theoretical computer science and algorithmic economics. He hopes to learn more about computational social choice theory and computational complexity theory as well. Currently, Bhaskara is working with the University of Colorado Boulder's computer science theory group to learn about liquidity provisioning in decentralized exchanges.

In April 2022, Bhaskara was awarded the prestigious Boettcher Scholarship by the Boettcher Foundation. This scholarship is awarded to 50 Colorado students, selected from approximately 1600 applicants each year. In conjunction with a Colorado university, the Boettcher Foundation fully funds the education of Boettcher Scholars.

Bhaskara has a passion for teaching, and has served on the course staff of Calculus I as a learning assistant and on Algorithms as a course assistant. Furthermore, from August 2021 to May 2022, Bhaskara was the director of Silver Creek High School’s instructional student assistant program, an organization that pairs high school teaching assistants to classrooms to increase student achievement. Additionally, Bhaskara has worked to improve K-12 cybersecurity education at the St. Vrain Valley Schools’ Innovation Center.

Bhaskara is always seeking opportunities to learn more about the fascinating field of theoretical computer science.

Adithya Bhaskara is not to be confused with Aditya Bhaskara, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Utah.